Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dogs paradise

I have discovered this amazing park where you can walk your dogs off the lead. A hard thing to find even here in Cairns. However it is an extraordinarily beautiful place with massive rainforest trees, tropical fruit of all colours lying on the ground, wild figs growing everywhere and the pretty Freshwater Creek running through the middle of it. 

It is dog heaven as it usually involves a run around the grass area and then a race down the riverside tracks ending in a plunge into the creek. You of-course you end up with a muddy dog but a very happy one!

Other times I have been there I have seen the stunning Ulysses butterfly floating about and the cute willy wagtails but today I was lucky enough to see the stunning Wompoo pigeon that sat imperiously for me and talked with its unusual silken but gutteral call, while I took some photos . I feel lucky to have got so close and the colours are amazing.

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  1. Hi Ness have just posted my blog for Capture the Colour and nominated you are the end. Good luck Fxx